Solar Irrigation

The Most Common Problem In The Agricultural Sector Is The Problem Of Water Supply, Which Is Represented In The Increasing Prices Of Fuel Used In The Operation Of Pumps To Raise Irrigation Water, As Well As The High Prices Of Transporting And Emptying It, In Addition To The Problems Of Diesel Generators, The Cost Of Maintenance And The Life Span Of It.

Therefore, The State Tends To Use Irrigation Pumps Powered By Solar Energy To Provide The Water Needed For Reclamation And Cultivation Of Lands In Projects Of One And A Half Million Acres.

Economic Studies As Well As Practical Experience Have Proven That The Recovery Period For Solar Water Pumps Compared To Diesel Pumps Ranges Between 4: 7 Years, Noting That There Is Still Support From The Egyptian State For Traditional Fuels, And All Indicators Confirm The Shift In Policies To Support Clean Energies As An Ideal Alternative To Polluting Traditional Energies. For The Environment.

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